The first question in an interview room is this. Whether you are a new(fresher), old(Experienced) this question is the first obstacle many find hard to face.

Example of from my experience:-

After this question, for a brief moment, you are the star.

I have done my graduation with a Bachelor Of Computer Application, from Sikkim Manipal University in the year 2017. As I was very interested in the application and its working from the start only so, when I was little aware of my subjects. I started to create my own applications.

I have created more than five application which is live on google play store. …

Powtoon is a powerful online tool to make a whiteboard video or illustrative videos. I created an illustrative video on powtoon which explains the Creational Design Pattern. Right now I am using the basic version of powtoon and still, there are quite several features that are useful to a beginner. We just need to create an account on <> and start making of those videos and we can post that video on social media such as Youtube, Facebook, and other social media.


Learning my way around developers world. Passion for learning new things.

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