InterView! TEll me sometHing abOut Your SElf.

The first question in an interview room is this. Whether you are a new(fresher), old(Experienced) this question is the first obstacle many find hard to face.

Example of from my experience:-

After this question, for a brief moment, you are the star.

I have done my graduation with a Bachelor Of Computer Application, from Sikkim Manipal University in the year 2017. As I was very interested in the application and its working from the start only so, when I was little aware of my subjects. I started to create my own applications.

I have created more than five application which is live on google play store. And I am learning new languages and technologies while doing so.

My first application was LitUp-Disco Light. This application is used for mimicking the disco light effect. Using its mobile camera flashlight. It contains five buttons that control the pace of blinking of the flashlight of the mobile.

My Second application was Chalisa Dummy. This application is used for listening and reading different Chalisas and Artis. In this application, there is a use of firebase data storage. All its data is dynamically populated when the application starts running. I have created a framework which can be reused in other application similar to this one.

My Third application was Dua Dummy. This application is used for reading Masnun Duas. This application also uses the firebase database to store all its data and I have used the same framework which I used in the Chalisa dummy application to create this application. It consists of more than 100 Duas, so it took me 2 weeks to arrange and place those data in the firebase database.

My fourth application was Invite Dummy. This application is used for sending invitations to family, friends, and other peoples. It contains seven screens, the first screen is for selecting the background of the invite, the second and third screen is for selecting a date and time, the fourth screen is for typing the invite one wants to send to the guest, the fifth screen is for giving the details of the venue, the sixth screen is for selecting the name of the host and their contact number and finally, there is the invite screen on the seventh screen which one will be sharing with his or her guests using social media.

Recently, I have been working on an application that can send a grocery list to the grocery store to get home delivery from the store without getting any kind of physical contact. This application is called Rasan Dummy. I have a list of items in my application so that one could easily select the items from the list and add them to the cart and once he is ready with the list he can share that list using any social media.

While developing all these applications, I have come across several different tools and open sites that help in making these applications. Such as GitHub, StackOverflow, Bitbucket, Android studio, VS Code, and many different languages. But, now I want to learn how to grow in a group where I can share my knowledge and learn from them and grow with them. Thank you.

This is how I answered this question after many days of practice.

Learning my way around developers world. Passion for learning new things.